Due to repetitive motion there is high percentage of overuse injuries. Those are extremely common among noncompetitive (or non-professional) players and can easily be prevented with some changes to technique and training routines.

Ursula Tennis also works closely with the Ultimate Health Chiropractic, which team consists of Dr. Arman Daryaie, DC QME and Dr. Helga Kovacs, DC CCP. Dr. Daryaie’s special interests lie in sports, work related injuries, rehabilitation, and degenerative diseases. Through his extensive training and experience Dr. Daryaie has helped countless number of people achieve optimal health.

We also recommend Dr. Baker, who is also PTR professional and specializes in tennis injuries. He can analyze your game and then provides prevention and treatment plans geared toward your injury. Dr. Baker stays on the cutting edge of sports chiropractic treatment and diagnosis protocols. He is certified in Active Release Technique (ART), Graston Technique, RockTape Fascial Movement Taping, and TRX Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. He specializes in treating athletes with acute pain, repetitive overuse injuries, postural syndromes, and movement dysfunctions. The best time to get treated is before pain and injury has occurred. Athletes should use early-onset fatigue and excessive soreness post-activity as opposed to pain and serious injury as better indicators for initiating treatment. The sports medicine paradigm is shifting towards this model, as more athletes are looking to improve their performance and minimize their risk of injuries by proactively receiving sports chiropractic care.

Please email or call in order to discover what would be the best way for you to brush up on your tennis skills.

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