Ursula tennis corporate team-building events are designed to meet organization specific needs and goals. Combination of tennis and golf creates a great opportunity for all members of the company to participate in the event. In today’s busy working environment team building events are designed to re-connect and re-energize. All the events (team building retreat, strategic planning, goal setting, reward trip) are designed based on specific goals and needs. Instead of traditional conference room setting you can

  • Be part of personalized private and group tennis lessons
  • Participate in golf or tennis pro-am event
  • Expend your horizons about nutrition and healthy leaving
  • Get first hand mental training from certified professional
  • Learn how to improve your networking and communication skills
  • Broaden your knowledge how to prevent and treat injuries
  • Enjoy high end cuisine and indulge in spa treatment

Please email or call in order to discover what would be the best way for you to brush up on your tennis skills.

  • Tennis Lessons in San Jose and Los Altos

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